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The Divine Deception

by Khabal

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Aura 02:25
To the last syllable of recorded time And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death Out, out brief candle The finality of Dream's last cast From our own dust filled hourglass Sleeping sand of gritted tears and blood He shepherds us to our nothingness As we fall throughout the infinite Kronos counts down infinity To him each life equally insignificant Each soul the same in the black sand sea.
Innocence a-glimmer at the edge of the void A divine being of God’s creation This creature a construct of his own grace Unfolding wings of pure devotion My desire, my design, my chaste My amorphous self I offer you From the void between all and naught An insignificant disciple of your grace In your adoration forever caught Your Purity God’s own design Your divinity His own perfection Your Hadean glare eclipses the light Sour scorn for my soul is ruin Writhing in the remains of your pillar of salt Your infernal mocking is my undoing My desire, my corruption, my infection All that is hallowed, ashes in my mouth Your name abominate unspoken Sweetest words of ophidian venom Your alter cracked and broken Your purity Gods own violation Your divinity As his own whore A disillusionment of vaporous waste Never worthy of consideration A succubus to be cleansed from this green Earth Unworthy of his protection My desire, my abyss, my hate
Futile I flail against silvered glass Echoed I am the mirror of your lust Obliterated, annihilated, erased, destroyed In your merciless winds and abrasive dust Craven, beaten, I have no worth A vile effigy of your own fabrication A broken whim of your design Your warped and craven aberration My reflected self bears your infected smile Forced into my hell of fragmented glass A shattered prison of broken shadows Until the Babel of fractured voices pass I crawl forth, this past form of ridicule His voice a meteor through the storm I am risen, illuminate in his grace My torment lifted, all my horrors shorn Rippling spirits beneath the skin Veined patterns evolve in the molten glow Bathed in the glory, the liquid light I bear the battle mark of Jericho
Monologue 04:35
I shall pull you close and burn my lamb Your hammering heart beats free In my constructed place of lust and love A bittersweet sanctuary Don’t listen to my words, dead one Just hear the tones conveyed The serpent will wind around your throat The Almighty’s will must be obeyed You will not stray from his own path His light and purity In this hellish pit of lust and want I will cast out your depravity A fallen angel at my feet In a storm of sullied feather You will not burn in Dante’s pit I release you from Hells tether You will return to his own grace I am the chosen to send you home You will sigh just once, as my blade sinks in Releasing flesh from bone
Venator 05:12
With endless patience I await For you all I have is time Aeons pass and my breath slows As I watch you, love of mine An unknown haunting of your days The clock counts down towards your end I revere you, my final lamb My ultimate godsend You will be my canvas of bleeding hell Absolution through suffering created Your earthly form to be made divine In my sculpture of sins incarnated Each movement marked, a careless prey Condemned to me by your own creator I am the shadow of your life The watcher, keeper and violator Unknown to you, I breathe you in Coiled, I await his instruction. As you gambol like an innocent Before the author of your destruction
A marionette held in a web of strings A tomb of knotted wire A barb pierced through for every sin Your Hell before the fire Forever held in prayer my lamb Face turned towards the light A tableau of sweet humility An homage to our saviours might The bloodied tears of lidless eyes Mask your face with salted gore Worth to the worthless I bring to you God to the godless whore Exquisite pain from every revered tear As you submit to your confessor Take your penance in the flaying Agony, a gift from your messiah Slitting away your toxic flesh, To expose the purity within Your torment cleans away your filth Your remade soul I bring Slick with blood we share your flesh Suffocate you with your own corruption As the pyre is lit you scream His name The flames dance to your destruction
Behold your servant, your avenging hand My final tribute to you father With my final mist of bloodied breath I place my throat upon your altar My retribution blessed, I kneel for you I embrace my own demise Released from the hells of Earthly flesh I return to grace as my body dies Suspended here in an eternity I await the redemption of my being In a violent silence of nothingness My darkening eyes unseeing I writhe in fear, I twist in the black No hosts, no voice, no redeeming light I beseech my god to raise me up I witness only my endless night My dying breath a whisper An empty vessel upon the shore One billion grains from an hourglass My apocryphal god no more Unending souls, like stars, unclaimed Swirl untended in chaotic array Timeless, lifeless, nothingness Never an afterlife, only decay


The Divine Deception was created to be heard in sequence, each song marking a stage in the progression from rejection and self-hatred, to the emergence of a ritualistic serial killer. The Divine Deception explores this killer’s escalating brutality against perceived sins and the righteous justifcation of the religious fanatic for their atrocities.


released July 9, 2021

Jei Doublerice - Vocals
Francesco Bertan - Guitars/Synths
Chris Wilson - Bass
Conny Petterson - Drums

All Lyrics by Emma Scott

Recorded and Mixed at Centurion Studios (www.centurion-studios.com)
Mastered by Exiled Multimedia (www.exiledmultimedia.com)

Album Cover: Gogo Melone Art


all rights reserved



Khabal England, UK

Khabal was founded in 2017. Derived from Clive Barker’s novella “Cabal” the band’s name and identity also gels closely with the term cabal’s defnition of intrigue, occult doctrine and the unknown.
Taking inspiration from true events of a mostly obscure nature, Khabal writes atmospheric, heavy songs with a dark ambience through the use of heavy monolithic riffs and crushing drums.
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